Who, how, why, what is My Bullet online ?

My Bullet online, it is…

… an online tool

organization  : to be better organised, more productive and efficient (there is no point in being productive about what does not need to be done),

– and personal development : to know oneself better and become the “best version of yourself” (like this beta version which will be improved all the time).


It allows you to do a thousand and one things:

– tick off all your appointments, tasks, lists (what an amazing feeling, isn’t it, to be able to tick off?),

– get into new habits (and not just for 21 days),

– It helps you achieve your most ambitious goals (writing a book), as well as your most trivial ones (taking out the trash),

– It is a way of countering procrastination, thanks to the latest studies on the brain, by using to our best advantage our tendency to do what gives us dopamine and other pleasure hormones.


Behind My Bullet online, is Florence…

(wait, this also deserves some « bullet » points):

mum (of a little boy that is growing up so fast),

entrepreneur (and from time to time employee when she loses her mind),

guitarist and pianist (in the bathroom),

– salsa dancer (before covid-19 restrictions),

reader of novels and non-fiction books, only bestsellers (no time to read turnips (or even courgettes)),

– a best-selling author herself (2500 copies sold, I hear it’s a best-seller),

– but above all passionate about everything she does (and laughs at her own jokes).


After years of brainstorming, this application was born out of a desire to live an exciting life, full of woohoo and hahaha lol.

The lockdown had a lot to do with the birth of this project: more time for her family, her hobbies, for herself.

And the perfect tool didn’t exist, she was wasting more time organising herself, planning her future and keeping track of past events, than enjoying and living in the moment.

The app was created in a hotel (better than a garage) by a Belgian developer stuck in Buenos Aires, whose company is based in Hong Kong (no kidding). Voted best developer in the world (yes, of course).


And above all, it is YOUR tool,

which will evolve with your needs, your way of organizing yourself and seeing life in pink.


My Bullet online, it’s also a blog…

… where Florence (and others. As we say: the more the merrier) gives her advice from her readings and her own experiences.

For a more serene, freer, more yeaaah life, all in high spirits.


Save time for what really matters

for you + me + them + all those who want to.


And it starts now…

by creating your free account (for life) below: