Features of My Bullet online

Main aim of My Bullet online?

Saving you time for what really matters to YOU.

My Bullet online is an online tool for organization and personal growth:

It allows you to manage all your personal and professional life, but also to help you to know yourself, to achieve all your projects and to turn your dreams into reality.

Fonctionnalités Bullet journal en ligne - My Bullet online

1. To do lists

Whether it’s to-do lists, shopping lists, or a wishlist

writing down everything that comes to mind helps you not to forget anything and to relieve your mental load.

to do list

Lists of appointments, notes, and tasks, recognizable by a different logo

To be ticked off when done


Goes to the “Late” list when the deadline has passed

Legende taches rendez-vous notes My Bullet online to do list

Appointments and tasks visible in the calendar

Displayed either in Day, Week or Month (soon Year) view

To do list Bullet journal pour le travail - My Bullet online

Sort by date, project or by custom sort order

Tri to do list My Bullet online

Duplicate in one click

One click sub-task creation

Boutons dupliquer et sous-tâche

Enhanced text editor to record details of each task, appointment or note

Editeur de texte enrichi My Bullet online

Show / hide completed tasks and appointments

Affichage tâches non réalisées My Bullet online

2. Calendar

The calendar, an essential tool for getting organized.

On My Bullet online, you have daily, weekly and monthly (soon annual) views.

You can display your appointments but also your tasks: useful to see how your days are going.

Vues Jour Mois Semaine My Bullet online

Day, week and month views synchronized

Display each appointment and task in the view of your choice (Day, Week and/or Month)
Filtre calendrier My Bullet online

Filter the calendar by projects

Colours to differentiate all areas of your life at a glance

Affichage plage horaire My Bullet online

Choice of time slot visible in the calendar

Choix plage horaire My Bullet online
Choix fuseau horaire My Bullet online

Choice of time zone

3. Goal Board

By regularly reviewing your goals, you will know how to prioritize your activities, and thus be more efficient: you only do the actions that bring the most results, and you find time for what really matters.

Life, annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals

to do list

Monthly goals synchronized with the Month view of the diary so you always have them in sight

Objectifs mensuels Agenda My bullet online

4. Journaling

Keeping a Bullet Journal helps to understand the past, organize the present and define the future.

Documenting your past consists of journaling, i.e. writing down: what happened in your day, your feelings, your emotions, your thoughts.

But also to write down the sensations of the body, your pains, diseases, symptoms…

in order to understand how to be in good physical and mental health.

Journaling My Bullet online

Write down, keep in mind what happened during your day, week, month, year

Write down your best memories of the day / week / month / year

Highlight your achievements, discoveries, learnings, what you want to improve, and stop

Make gratitude a habit in your life: writing down what you are grateful for makes you happier. It is scientifically proven!

Texte champs journal My Bullet online

Personalize the text of the journal entries

5. Mood trackers

Know yourself to understand who you are, how you function, think and (re)act.

Mood tracker Bullet Journal numérique - My Bullet online

Record your energy, productivity and mood levels every day

Mood tracker Jour My Bullet online

Automatically get a chart for each week, month and year

Mood tracker Semaine My Bullet online
Mood tracker Mois My Bullet online

Soon, customize the title of the feelings (mood, energy, productivity) and create your own mood trackers

My Bullet online - mood tracker annuel pixel
My Bullet online - Prendre de bonnes habitudes

6. Habit trackers


In addition to the Mood trackers, the Habit trackers will allow you to develop good habits, but also to know yourself better:

  • how you feel when you sleep less than 7 hours a night: in terms of energy but also mood and productivity, or other,
  • your temperature or symptoms in relation to your menstrual cycle,
  • your mood when you do sports, walk in nature or see your friends…

Create as many trackers as you want

Tick off when you have implemented a new habit

Keep track of your progress and be motivated to continue

Set a goal to push yourself to reach it

7. Personalization of your account

A tool that is pleasant to use makes you want to come back to it, whether it is because of its ease of use or the design.

The idea behind the Bullet Journal is also to be able to customize it, which is why you can (and soon will be able to) adapt your Bullet online to your preferences.

Mood tracker Bullet Journal numérique - My Bullet online

Design customization

Personnalisation design My Bullet online

Creation of a custom dashboard (coming soon)

Dashboard personnalisé My Bullet online

Choice of the time slot visible in the calendar

Choix plage horaire My Bullet online

Choice of the default display of new tasks and appointments created in the calendar: display on Day, Week and/or Month views

Affichage tâches et rendez-vous dans l'agenda

Sorting of tasks and appointments by default in the Day, Month and Week calendar: by chronological, project or custom order

Tri dans l'agenda My Bullet online
Time Zone
Choix fuseau horaire My Bullet online
Language: French or English
Choix de la langue dans My Bullet online Français Anglais

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