When we talk about the Bullet Journal, we think about the collections that help with organizing.

With an online Bullet Journal, the principle is more or less the same, with the differences that can be encountered between a paper tool and a digital one.

In this article, you will find 147 ideas for collections to create in My Bullet online (and I won’t miss adding more over time, with your valuable suggestions!).

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What is a collection?


In the organizational system of the Bullet Journal invented by Ryder Carroll, a collection is simply a page that groups data on a specific topic.


The purpose of a collection is to:

  • Remember and plan (tasks, goals, appointments),
  • Keep track (of habits, savings, weight…),
  • Retain memories (important information, personal experiences),
  • And everything you need to organize yourself and lighten your mental load.


The form of a collection can vary:

  • As a list,
  • As a table,
  • Using checkboxes,
  • Or even as an illustration that you can color in different shades,
  • And anything your imagination allows you to do.

147 examples of collections to create in My Bullet Online


Just like with the paper-based Bullet Journal, with My Bullet Online, you can create various types of collections.

Here are 147 examples of collections that will make your daily life easier and help you find time for what truly matters to you.


I will then write an article for each of these collections to explain how I use them and how to create them in My Bullet Online.

You can also duplicate some of them with just one click and customize them on your account. To do that, visit My Bullet Shop.


I have grouped these collections into several categories, although some may overlap:

  • Personal organization
  • Home
  • Work
  • Family and friends
  • Travel
  • Leisure
  • Self-care
  • Health
  • Sports
  • Finances
  • Personal development
  • Contributing to the world
  • Creativity and inspirations
  • Learning

Personal organization


  1. “Do not forget” list: Whenever you have an idea and want to jot it down without categorizing it right away to avoid forgetting it.
  2. List of useful websites



You can read the full article about these collections ideas to manage your home with an online Bullet Journal.


  1. Grocery list: you can duplicate it here
  2. Weekly menu
  3. List of recipes and their ingredients (duplicate)
  4. Household chores planning (duplicate here)
  5. Seasonal fruits and vegetables
  6. Suitcase checklist (duplicate)
  7. Administrative tasks: papers, bills
  8. Home-related to-dos (DIY projects…)
  9. Home wishlist
  10. Items for sale
  11. Household savings
  12. Gardening, flower seasons
  13. List of board games
  14. List of wines



I’ve written a full article here: 13 collection ideas to get organized at work with a digital Bullet Journal where you can duplicate them.


  1. To-do list
  2. Schedule: calendar, appointments
  3. Qualitative and quantitative goals
  4. Meeting notes and their summary
  5. Task list by project and/or by collaborator
  6. Project tracking
  7. Editorial calendar
  8. Social media posts, blog articles, video scripts
  9. Marketing plan, promotional offer calendar (duplicate the Marketing Calendar 2024 here)
  10. Strategy
  11. Brand guidelines
  12. Website visit statistics (duplicate)
  13. Social media statistics: monthly subscribers, engagement rate…
  14. Monthly sales (duplicate)
  15. Tracking links
  16. Product catalog
  17. Customer list
  18. Logistics
  19. Visuals to create
  20. Work process (for content creation, video production…)
  21. List of professional contacts and their contact information
  22. Typical week
  23. Productivity tracking
  24. Productivity techniques
  25. Trainings / conferences to attend / attended and their summary
  26. Project ideas
  27. List of skills to develop

Family and Friends

  1. Birthdays and gift ideas (duplicate)
  2. Ideas for family outings and activities (duplicate)
  3. List of restaurants to try
  4. Contact tracking for loved ones: when was the last time you contacted them
  5. List of jokes
  6. List of contacts and their details (address, phone number)


For Your Child

  1. Useful phone numbers
  2. School information
  3. School holiday dates
  4. Your child’s health tracking
  5. Allergies and what to do when they occur, which medications to take
  6. Your child’s first times
  7. Weight and height
  8. Funny words your child says
  9. Tracking of extracurricular activities


  1. List of past trips
  2. Ideas for vacation destinations
  3. Planning for the next trip
  4. Travel journal, memories for each destination
  5. List of places to visit in a specific city
  6. Travel itinerary
  7. Tracking of travel expenses
  8. World recipes to try
  9. List of key phrases in a foreign language
  10. List of tourist activities to do


  1. List of books read and their reading notes
  2. List of books to read
  3. Books currently being read
  4. Reading tracker: habit of reading for 15 minutes per day
  5. Tracking the number of pages read per day
  6. List of movies / TV series to watch (on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or others)
  7. Songs to listen to
  8. Favorite songs
  9. Songs to play on the piano / guitar


  1. Wishlist
  2. Habit tracker
  3. Mood tracker
  4. Meditation tracking: habit tracker
  5. Number of minutes of meditation per day
  6. Self-care ideas: create a list of well-being activities to practice when you need a break.


  1. Water consumption tracking
  2. Caffeine consumption tracker
  3. Vegetable consumption tracking
  4. Medical and medication tracking
  5. Sleep tracking: Track your sleep habits to improve sleep quality.
  6. Number of hours of sleep per night
  7. Bedtime tracking
  8. Sugar consumption tracking
  9. Anti-fatigue process
  10. Menstrual cycle
  11. Symptothermal method: Tracking of body temperature
  12. Symptom tracking
  13. Lunar calendar


  1. Physical exercise tracking
  2. Fitness exercise tracking, yoga positions
  3. Duration of HIIT
  4. Duration of plank
  5. Duration of walking per day
  6. Number of steps per day
  7. Number of stairs climbed
  8. Number of kilometers run or walked per day
  9. Weight tracking


  1. Savings and monthly budgeting
  2. Expense tracking
  3. Debt repayment journal
  4. Money-saving tips
  5. Bill payment calendar
  6. Charitable donations journal
  7. Collection of financial resources: books, websites, or podcasts that offer financial advice
  8. Investment portfolio and their performance
  9. Budget categories
  10. Wishlist for financial goals: financial aspirations, such as buying a house or starting a business

Personal Development

  1. Bucket list: List of things to do in life
  2. Vision board
  3. List of books read and their teachings
  4. Training or coaching notes, self-discoveries
  5. Inspiring and soothing quotes
  6. Gratitude journal
  7. Journal prompts: Questions to help you reflect and explore your thoughts and emotions
  8. Habit tracking
  9. Positive affirmations
  10. List of podcasts to listen to
  11. Goal tracking
  12. Mood tracker
  13. Annual reflections: Take stock of your accomplishments, challenges, and lessons learned at the end of each year
  14. Miracle Morning: Habit tracking for each SAVER practice


  1. Ideas for projects
  2. Number of words written per day for your book

Creativity and Inspiration

  1. Collection of favorite movie quotes
  2. Collection of poems or literary quotes
  3. Wishlist of creative materials
  4. Collection of inspiring photos
  5. List of artistic places to visit
  6. Collection of colors and combinations


  1. Language learning tracking
  2. Study schedule: Study sessions for exams or learning new subjects
  3. Collection of educational YouTube channels
  4. Reading challenge: Set a goal for the number of books to read and track your progress
  5. Skills journal: Document the skills you want to learn or improve
  6. Collection of educational websites
  7. Research journal: Track your research projects, including sources and discoveries
  8. Study group tracking: Study group meetings and the topics covered
  9. Collection of inspiring TED talks
  10. Online course tracking and progress

I use most of these collections on my own account because they make my life a lot easier and allow me to have everything at my fingertips. I can organize everything without forgetting anything and without any hassle.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other ideas.


Remember that these ideas are just a starting point. Feel free to personalize them, combine them, or create your own unique collections that align with your interests and goals.

Your online Bullet Journal is a reflection of your personality and can be tailored to your specific needs.


It’s your turn

And you, what collections do you use?


Have you visited My Bullet Shop yet?


Tell me in the comments, and if I haven’t mentioned them yet, I’ll add them to the article.

Which ones will you adopt?

Which collections would you like to be able to duplicate with just one click?