Only a few days to go until Christmas, and what better way to prepare and organize the festivities than with an online Bullet Journal?

The month of December is synonymous with festivities, but also with stress, with the organization of Christmas, New Year’s Eve and school vacations.

Whether you’re a digital enthusiast or simply looking to explore new ways of organizing, here are 33 collection ideas to help you make the most of the festive season.

Choose the collections that inspire you most, but you don’t have to use them all: the aim is for your Bullet Journal to save you time, not the other way round!

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Why organize Christmas with an online Bullet Journal?

The month of December, and especially the run-up to Christmas, can sometimes be a source of stress, leading to a heavy mental workload as the to-do list gets longer and longer.

Between buying presents, planning meals, managing the budget and organizing decorations, it can quickly become mentally overwhelming.

Then there are the school vacations, when you have to think about the various activities you’ll be offering the children, or even organizing a ski trip if you want to celebrate the end of the year in the snow.

By opting for an online Bullet Journal, you can efficiently structure your ideas, shopping lists, schedules and much more, all centralized in one place and accessible at all times.

In particular, an organized shopping list can help you avoid last-minute errands, reducing both stress factors and costs.

The Advent Calendar, designed to build excitement day after day until Christmas, could become an enjoyable experience rather than a stressful chore.

By integrating an online Bullet Journal for Christmas, you simplify organization because it allows you to visualize and manage every aspect of the preparations in a clear and methodical way.

What’s more, you also reduce the mental load associated with preparations, transforming the Christmas period into an enjoyable and magical experience, which is what the festive season is all about, isn’t it?

Your Christmas Bullet Journal will enable you to enjoy a serene and joyful festive season by considerably reducing the source of stress associated with preparing for the festivities.


A Christmas Bullet Journal in paper or online format?


I will wrote an article on the differences between a classic Bullet journal and an online Bujo.


And adapting it to the Christmas theme, here are the advantages of organizing the festive season with a digital Bullet Journal:

  • Having all your lists on your phone, so they’re always with you. Handy for gift shopping, decorations and meals;
  • Clickable links: if you’re given gift ideas with URLs, you can do your Christmas shopping online and avoid the crowds in the stores. You save time and peace of mind.
  • You can recycle the same lists year after year, instead of having to rewrite them. All you have to do is duplicate them and change the dates if necessary.
  • You can share to-do lists, shopping lists, gift lists, etc. with your partner.
  • Everything is synchronized, so you write things down once and can view them either in list view or in a monthly or weekly calendar to see each item by date.

If you prefer to write in a paper Bujo, you can still create some collections on your notebook, and others on a digital Bullet Journal.


33 collection ideas for organizing Christmas and the festive season

Here are 33 Bujo page ideas to help you prepare for Christmas with joy and serenity.

Don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments if you have any other ideas, I’ll be happy to add them.


1. Advent calendar

December is already well under way, but what better way to wait for Christmas than with an Advent calendar?

Create a page to follow the days leading up to Christmas, with little boxes to open each day.

You can display the little gifts in the monthly calendar view for easy viewing.

Advent calendar month December - Bullet Journal Christmas collection idea - My Bullet Online
Advent Calendar - Bullet Journal Christmas Collection Idea - My Bullet Online

This is how I was able to create my son’s Advent Calendar last year, and customize it so that :

  • there’s no candy on school mornings,
  • he didn’t get the same chocolate or gift 2 days in a row,
  • that he received his Lego bricks in the right order.

2. Gift list

When it comes to gifts, there are two schools of thought:

  • those who prefer to give their gift list and get what they really want (and thus avoid disappointment),
  • those who prefer surprises.

For those who don’t give you their Christmas list, you can create a dedicated page to record gift ideas as they come to you.


Because I don’t know about you, but I never find gift ideas when I want to give them, whether for Christmas or birthdays.

It’s often while shopping with my mother or chatting with my sister that I come up with gift ideas for them.

These ideas can come at any time, so I write them down as they come, throughout the year.

And then I’m happy to have my list of gift ideas for each person when it’s time to go shopping! 



What’s more, if I have clickable links, I can add them directly to the detail section and order with just a few clicks.

The advantage of having the lists in advance is that you can take advantage of discounts, especially during Black Friday.


You can also have a list for every Christmas, where you write down the names of all the people you want to spoil, and the corresponding gift.

This way, you’ll be sure not to forget anyone, and you won’t have to run out on Christmas Eve to buy a last-minute gift.


3. Wishlist

Make a wishlist for yourself, too, to give if someone asks what you’d like to have.


I use this list to write down everything I’d like to have or do, whether as a gift for myself or to give ideas when my loved ones want to make me happy.


You can write down in this list all the little desires that come up at different times of the year.

Whether you’re chatting with friends, exploring online sites, or simply strolling through a store, ideas can pop up at any time.


The advantage of a wishlist is that it provides an overview of your wishes, making it easier to buy or share ideas with friends and family.


Thanks to clickable links, incorporating direct references to products or online stores is child’s play, making it easy to turn your wishes into reality when a special occasion arises.

An evolving list that turns your desires into reality, while making life easier for those who wish to please you.


4. Decorations

In this collection, you can note the decorations you already have and those you’ d like to buy.

This includes decorating the house, the exterior, the tree and the dining table: crockery, garlands, baubles, lights and, of course, the tree.


Take note of the colors and the number of pieces, to make sure you don’t buy the same items again and end up with 50 red baubles!


And don’t forget Santa’s costume, if you’ve got a tradition of bringing him in at midnight with the gift basket.


In cocooning mode, bring plaids, candles and mugs for long family evenings.


If you’d like to create your own decorations, take a look at some DIY (Do It Yourself) ideas.

Add sketches, diagrams, or links to online tutorials that have inspired you. This personalized approach will add a unique touch to your decorations and make your festive space even more special.


What could be better than making your own nativity scene?

Write down the elements you’d like to include in your crib, whether they be specific figurines, decorations or ideas for personalizing this central element of your Christmas decorations.

Add sketches to plan the ideal placement of the nativity scene in your home, creating a meaningful space to celebrate the spirituality of the season.


If you’re planning to transform your home’s exterior into a festive light show, draw up a detailed plan. You can even create a dedicated collection.

Note where to place lights, decorations, and any other outdoor elements.

This collection will help you visualize the final result, purchase the necessary supplies, and ensure that your home shines brightly this holiday season.


5. Christmas recipes

The festive season is undeniably linked to gastronomy, and what better way to capture the magic of Christmas and New Year’s Eve than to create a collection dedicated to festive recipes?


On this page, compile your favorite recipes, from traditional dishes to delicious desserts.

Organize them by categories such as starters, main courses and desserts, and create a list of ingredients to make sure you don’t forget anything when shopping.

Include links to online cooking tutorials or add personal notes to personalize each recipe.


This collection becomes an invaluable resource, enabling you to create memorable and delicious meals to share the joy of Christmas and New Year with your loved ones.


Think of the menu for Christmas Eve on December 24th and 31st, but also breakfasts and snacks such as cookies, gingerbread, mulled wine and hot chocolate.



6. Guest list

If you’re planning family gatherings or festive dinners, a guest list is a must.

Write down the names of the people you wish to invite, as well as logistical details such as food preferences, allergies, and any other important information.

A well-organized guest list will help you plan your events with peace of mind.


7. Shopping list

A well-organized shopping list is the key to avoiding last-minute errands and oversights.

How many times have I found myself without gift wrapping paper, and had to wrap things in unattractive shopping bags?


Create a collection dedicated to your shopping list for meals, decorations, and all the items needed for the festivities.

You can even divide the list into sections, for example, fresh produce, dry goods, decorative items, and even by brand for more efficient shopping.


8. Budget

The festive season can quickly add up .

Create a budget collection to track your spending on gifts, decorations, meals and other festive activities.

Having a clear picture of your budget will help you make informed decisions and avoid unpleasant financial surprises at the end of the season.


9. Outfit ideas

Parties are a great time to shine.

Create a collection to record your outfit ideas for every festive event. Whether it’s New Year’s Eve, a night out with friends, or a casual day out, this list will help you plan your looks in style.

Add links to online fashion items to make shopping even easier.


10. Christmas playlist

Music plays a crucial role in creating a festive atmosphere.

Create a collection for your Christmas playlist, adding your favorite songs, recent discoveries and, of course, the classic Christmas songs (Mariah Carey never goes out of fashion!)

This list will become the perfect soundtrack to your celebrations.


You can also create your own playlist directly on Spotify, for example, and share it with friends and family.


11. Christmas movies

Turn your evenings into warm moments with a collection dedicated to Christmas films.

Take note of your favorite classics, new releases you’d like to discover, and even ideas for themed movie nights.

Plan the times when you want to watch these films to create a festive atmosphere at home: you can set a date and time for each film, which will be displayed in the calendar of your choice in My Bullet online (monthly and/or weekly).


12. List of books to read

If you enjoy immersing yourself in a good book during the vacations, a reading list can save you a lot of time.

Make a note of the books you’d like to read, whether they’re related to Christmas, winter, or simply personal choices.

Create trackers to keep track of your reading progress, and take notes for better memorization if they’re non-fiction books.


13. Ideas for family activities

Build the tree, bake cookies, go ice skating, go to the Christmas market, shop for gifts and decorations, make DIY decorations, have snowball fights, build snowmen…

The vacations are the perfect time to make memories as a family.


Create a collection of ideas for activities to do together, whether it’s creative projects, outdoor games, or movie nights.

This list will guide you to moments of shared joy.


14. Places to visit

If you’re planning special outings during the holidays, create a list of places to visit.

Whether it’s Christmas markets, light shows, plays or specific destinations, this collection will help you plan memorable moments to share with family and friends.


15. List of board games

Board games are a great way to get everyone around the table.

Create a list of board games you’d like to play over the vacations.

Add notes on the length of the game, the number of players, and any other relevant details for easy planning.


16. Family traditions

Family traditions create lasting bonds. Make a note of the traditions you want to maintain or create with your family.

Whether it’s decorating the tree as a family, baking cookies or special rituals, this collection will remind you of the precious moments to be experienced every year.


17. Family photo shoot schedule

Capture holiday memories with a planned family photo session.

Create a detailed collection to organize details such as location, outfits, and even pose ideas. You can also arrange for a professional photographer if required.

This preparation guarantees memorable family photos that you’ll cherish for years to come.


18. Holiday schedule

To avoid stress and reduce your mental workload, there’s nothing better than writing everything down. But lists are useless, and you risk forgetting them if you don’t plan them in your diary.


Write down special events, meals, activities and any other key aspects of your celebrations.

Careful planning will allow you to enjoy every moment stress-free.


With My Bullet online, you can create your lists, and for each line assign a precise date and time.

So you can display your to-dos:

  • either by list, for example the shopping list
  • or directly in a calendar, for example to view the Advent Calendar.


With the monthly view, you have an overview of all activities to be carried out.

The weekly view lets you see precise schedules for events such as a visit to the Christmas market, or tasks like decorating the tree or baking cookies.

And for Christmas Eve, you can plan when and how long to prepare a particular dish, prepare the table decorations, etc. with the to-do list or calendar daily view.


19. Greeting card ideas

Personalize your greetings with a collection of greeting card ideas.

Jot down sketches, inspirational thoughts, or notes for each person you plan to send a card to.

Make a note of the postal addresses, too, so you can write them on the envelopes more easily.

Add specific details for each recipient, creating personalized, thoughtful greetings.


20. Contact list

Gather addresses and phone numbers of people you’d like to contact over the holiday season.

Create a collection to make it easy to send greetings, schedule phone or video calls, or even organize face-to-face meetings.

Stay connected with your loved ones, even from a distance, with this handy list.


21. Travel planning

If you’re planning to travel during the vacations, create a page to track travel details.

Note itineraries, reservations, planned activities and anything else essential to your adventure.

Use a checklist for your luggage, too, which will differ depending on whether you’re going skiing or snorkeling!

Careful planning guarantees a stress-free trip and unforgettable memories.


22. Christmas memories

Capture precious moments with a collection dedicated to Christmas memories.

A space to add mementos such as photos, concert tickets, etc., but also a diary of the best moments ever.

This collection becomes a virtual memory album, warming your heart every time you browse it.


23. Personal wish list

Take a moment for yourself and create a personal wish list.

Write down the little things you’d like to experience during the holiday season, like going to the skating rink, but also projects like writing a book, knitting a scarf…

This list, different from the wishlist, becomes a source of ideas when you have a little time to yourself, and need a moment of relaxation and pleasure.


24. Christmas Creative Challenge

Explore your creative side with a daily Christmas challenge.

Create a collection to record every creative project you want to do, whether it’s DIY, decorating, or art projects.

Challenge yourself every day with a new Christmas-related creative idea.

This collection will add a playful and artistic dimension to your festivities, offering an opportunity to immerse yourself in the spirit of the season.


25. Housekeeping

Don’t wait until spring to do some spring cleaning. You can take advantage of the school vacations to sort through your clothes, books, administrative papers, and so on.

Make a list of the different rooms and closets in the house, and plan to sort one place at a time so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Clearing out your closets, cellar or attic also clears your mind, because with fewer items to manage, you have more room for new projects.


26. Daily gratitude

Practice gratitude by writing down something you’ re grateful for every day.

Create a special collection for the holiday season, highlighting small moments of joy, warmth and love.

This daily list brings a positive perspective, reinforcing the sense of well-being during the season, or diminishing the moments of sadness we can also feel during this time.


27. Charity challenges

Show your generosity this holiday season by creating a charity challenge.

Jot down ideas for volunteer actions, gifts to make, or acts of kindness toward others. This collection transforms the festivities into an opportunity to give and make a positive difference in the lives of others.


Make a note of the charities you’d like to donate to this holiday season, and express your generosity to causes close to your heart.

Add details on how you can contribute, whether financially, by volunteering, or by sharing resources such as a clothing donation.


28. Review and reflection on the year

Take a moment to reflect on the highlights of the year just ended.

Create a page dedicated to retrospection, noting successes, challenges overcome and lessons learned.

An honest reflection on the past year prepares you mentally to welcome the new year.


29. Objectives and vision board

Create a page to visualize your goals and aspirations for the coming year.

Write down your personal and professional aspirations, and anything else you’d like to see happen. Above all, note the actions you can take to achieve these goals.

This page will help you stay focused on what matters most to you.


You can also create a vision board: add visual elements, inspirational quotes and ideas that represent what you want to achieve.

This page becomes your digital vision board, motivating you to work towards a positive future.


30. New Year’s resolutions and habits

In the same way as goals, anticipate the New Year with a list of resolutions.

Write down your personal and professional goals, and anything else you’d like to achieve in the coming months.

These are usually new habits to adopt in order to achieve your goals.

For example, exercise 3 times a week and eat healthily to lose weight.


Using habit trackers keeps you motivated and determined all year round, not just on January 1!


So much for Christmas and New Year page ideas.

But don’t forget to check out our regular collections:


31. Mood tracker

Track your mood all year round to better understand emotional and physical fluctuations.

Each day, assign a color or symbol to your mood, allowing you to visualize monthly trends.

This collection offers insight into the factors influencing your well-being, sleep and productivity, enabling you to adjust your routine accordingly.


32. Habit tracker

Maintain your goals throughout the year with a habit tracker.

List behaviors you want to incorporate into your daily routine, then check them off each day you accomplish them.

This gives you an overview of your progress and encourages you to maintain positive habits.


33. Journaling

Don’t wait for the holiday season to create beautiful memories.

Journaling offers a space to express your thoughts, feelings and experiences over time.

Use the “My Journal” section of My Bullet online as a diary to record key moments or deep reflections.

This regular practice can be therapeutic and is a great way to document your daily life.

Re-reading your notes at the end of the year, for example, promises to be a great way to revive your memories.


A page featuring all the Christmas collections

You can also create a page that groups together several collections, so that you have everything in one place.

For example, if I want to see certain collections that will be useful for Christmas Eve:

  • menu and recipes
  • shopping list
  • table decoration
  • guest list and their dietary requirements
  • playlist


Bonuses to illustrate your December

To get you in the mood for Christmas and the festive season, I’ve created some illustrations for you to download and display as wallpaper in your My Bullet online account.

Choose the one you like best from the 3 below:


It’s your turn

Tell me, which collections will you be using to prepare for the holidays?

Share your own collection ideas in the comments, or if you’d like me to create some for you to upload to My Bullet Shop.


May this season be filled with warmth, sharing and unforgettable moments! I wish you a wonderful holiday season.